What Do You Really Know About Arkansas?

People often rush to judgement about Arkansas, but how much do you REALLY know about this tiny Southern state? We bet we can stump you on a few of these. You never know, we might just 'learn ya' something :)

Marta Youngblood
Created by Marta Youngblood
On Mar 11, 2015
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In what year did Arkansas become a state?

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The Arkansas River stretches across 4 states. Which of the following does the river NOT flow through?

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Which of these famous political figures was NOT born in Arkansas?

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Which of these famous athletes is NOT originally from Arkansas?

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Which of these influential writers is NOT originally from Arkansas?

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Which of these Arkansas-based businesses is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas?

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This image represents the mascot of this Arkansas university...

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Which of these musicians is NOT from Arkansas?

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The founder of this hotel chain was born in Arkansas...

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The first high school in the United States to voluntarily integrate after the Brown vs. Board decision of 1954 was located in what town in Arkansas?

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