How Big Of A Black Panther Fan Are You?

This quiz isn't for Johnny come lately. Where are my die hard Panther fans?!? STAND UP! Yes, I'm a little excited about the upcoming Black Panther movie.

Marta Youngblood
Created by Marta Youngblood
On Mar 18, 2015
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What actor voiced The Black Panther in the 2010 BET animated series?

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What is the name of T'Challa's son?

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The Black Panther is ruler of what country?

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T'Challa has a Ph.D. in Physics from what institution of higher education?

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The Black Panther first appeared in the MCU in what year?

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What precious mineral is mined exclusively in The Black Panther's homeland?

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Only men of royal blood can serve in the role of The Black Panther?

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The Black Panther we know and love from the MCU's given name is T'Challa. Who served as The Black Panther/Ruler just prior to T'Challa's reign?

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What was the name given to the King's personal guards?

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Which of the following was NOT an enemy of T'Challa?

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T'Challa fell in love with and married what member of the MCU?

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Which of these teams was The Black Panther NOT a member of?

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T'Challa's sister's name was...

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Who killed T'Challa's father King T'Chaka?

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In what comic book did The Black Panther first appear?

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