Who Owns These Celebrity Pets?

These lucky little furballs all belong to celebrities. Can you match the pet to the superstar?

Created By Marie
On Mar 29, 2017
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This is Meredith. Who does Meredith belong to?

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Who briefly owned this little monkey called Mally?

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This dog is only one of many. Which celebrity has multiple dogs of this kind?

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This little piggy is called Bubba Sue. Which celebrity has this pet pig?

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This dog's name is Baylor. Who does Baylor belong to?

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This little bunny's name is Cecil. Which celebrity adopted Cecil?

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This puppy is called Asia. Who is Asia's owner?

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These cuties are Ophelia and Toulouse. Who do they belong to?

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These sibling puppies are called Norman and Bambi. Which celebrity owns these puppies?

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