How Much Of A Lady Gaga Fan Are You?

Are you a Little Monster? Or maybe a casual fan? Let's find out! (20 questions)

Created By Marie
On Mar 29, 2017
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Gaga has two French bulldogs. What are their names?

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Who came up with the idea for a collaborative jazz album- Tony or Gaga?

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Who gave Gaga this big, heart-shaped engagement ring?

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What is written on the back of the engagement ring?

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Which video game does Lady Gaga enjoy playing- and was even included in one of her music videos?

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What is Lady Gaga's favorite book?

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What was her favorite toy as a child?

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Where did Gaga FIRST wear the hair bow?

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What does Gaga do to Barbie dolls her fans throw to her during her concerts?

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Before she was famous, Gaga did performances with her friend Lady Starlight. What was their act called?

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Before the album ARTPOP was released, three of her new songs were leaked. What were the songs?

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What were the original lyrics to Born This Way before Gaga changed it?

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How was the photo for the official album cover of The Fame Monster chosen?

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Gaga almost quit making pop music in 2013. Why?

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Time for a tougher question. When did Gaga release her very first single?

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What is the last song performed at the end of The artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball?

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When does Gaga embrace her natural hair color?

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Surprisingly, Gaga's Catholic parents support everything she does except for two things. What do they not approve of?

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Middle Eastern countries agreed to allow her album ARTPOP to be sold under what conditions?

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What was Gaga's very first album called?

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Bonus: Which track on Born This Way does NOT include a sample from a different song?

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