What Would Be Your Job In A Post-Apocalyptic World?

If such an apocalypse were to occur, survivors would likely join together in order to survive. So, what would you be doing in order to contribute as a survivor?

Created By Elmanoo
On Mar 29, 2017

What Color Best Fits Your Aura?

What Would Be Your Weapon of Choice?

With Your Current Skills, Which One Would You Be Able To Do?

What Would You Do If You Ran Into A Group of Survivors?

How Would You Describe Yourself?

How Good Are You With People?

How Far Would You Go to Protect the People You Love?

Which Career Suits You Best?

Where Would You Go to Escape Your Post Apocalyptic Hell?

What Was Your Life Like Before the Apocalypse?

You're A Hunter/Scavenger

You're A Hunter/Scavenger

Hunters and Scavengers play a vital role in the survival of the group.

Hunters go out to look for food. They usually seek out deer, but have been known to drag bears home. Without them the group would go hungry and before long destroy itself from the inside out. They're also known to take out enemies who're deemed to be a threat.

Scavengers on the other hand search for supplies. They scout abandoned areas and empty buildings looking for anything that might help at base. Though, this description doesn't quite sum them up. These people are usually master blacksmiths and can practically make anything as long as they have the right tools.

Hunters & Scavengers usually travel together outside of base and are known to work well together. If someone were to come into contact with this weapon wielding badass and tools master, they better pray they’re not on their bad side.

Their main goal is to bring home the bacon.

You're A Patroller

You're A Patroller

Patrol is comprised of a group whom most would refer to as police. In their community they’re the ones who go out of their way to look out for everyone by fighting fires, saving lives, and looking out for danger. These people usually live on the outer skirts even though they’re more than welcome to stay within the walls. Citizens of the inner city will see small Patrol groups walking around every now and then. They’re known to stop and help even if it’s just to get a cat out of a tree or fix a window.

Though, their true goal is to fight off anything that might bring harm to those they’ve sworn to protect. Anyone can apply to be part of Patrol, but only the most dedicated and honorable people will become part of this team.

Their main goal is to make sure no harm falls upon the survivors.

You're A Team Leader

You're A Team Leader

Team Leaders are those among survivors who’ve stood out in the most positive ways. They’ve shown courage, leadership, and the ability to communicate with people from all walks of life. They’re the ones who would put their lives on the line in order to protect their team and everyone around them. Leaders can take on any job depending on their other abilities.

For example they can be a Chef, Doctor, Hunter, Etc… Essentially they can take on any job and lead a team as long as they’re capable of handling it. The role of multiple leaders was created in order to keep a single person from having too much power.

At the end of the day their main goal is to keep other survivors alive.

You're A Chef

You're A Chef

Being a Chef is very important in a post-apocalyptic world. They’re given the responsibility of feeding hundreds if not thousands of people. Honestly, a lot of Chefs feel they aren’t doing anything worthy of praise. Yet, they’re the ones cooking and distributing the food hunters and scavengers bring back to base. If this group wasn’t around there probably would’ve been a couple of mediocre cooks to take their place. However, these cooks wouldn’t have come up with the same genius ideas the Chefs had for equally sharing the food amongst the people. They even found a way to ration and refrigerate all of their supplies.

In the end they could’ve had cooks make the food, but they got a better deal by having Chefs who could stretch meals for weeks and months at a time.

The Chefs goal is to make sure no one goes hungry.

You're A Reconnaissance Member

You're A Reconnaissance Member

The Reconnaissance Team ventures into the world outside of the base in order to find useful information. They go after enemies whom might be a threat as well as search for info on what may have caused the apocalypse. If they’re not searching for the previous then they’re collecting knowledge. By gathering books and documents that’ll serve as history for the next generation. When asked to describe the Reconnaissance Team, survivors likely said they’re deadly, quick, reliable, and definitely to the point. If they need to locate someone who has caused harm to their community, the person in question would be better off dead.

Their goal is to collect and retrieve any information deemed worthy of finding out.

You're An Other

You're An Other

Other is someone not quite sure what they should be doing. Their still learning and it’ll be some time before they discover what they’re good at. Time when tell, in the meantime they’ll learn from those around them until they found their true calling. The situation is still a lot for them to take in.

In the end their goal is to find themselves and see what works for them.

You're A Caregiver

You're A Caregiver

The Caregivers are medical personnel, human resource advisors, and teachers looking to help other people.

Some Medical Personnel work in the hospital while other members treat Hunters, Scavengers, and Reconnaissance members on the outside. Travelling within teams where they are healers who operate in dire circumstances.

Human Resource Advisors are those who help survivors find housing within the base. They also go out of their way to reunite family members that might’ve been separated. If anyone in town has a problem they can always come to these advisors for help.

Then you have the Teachers who’re responsible for the younger children. They teach them in order to preserve knowledge that would’ve been lost otherwise. Teachers are also in charge of teaching their students how to fight in case of an emergency.

Their main goal is to help as many people as they can.

You're A Citizen

You're A Citizen

Citizens live within the base and are given jobs to make their everyday lives seem more normalized.

Many of them take up jobs as construction workers and every time they make improvements more job opportunities are able to be created. They may not have primary jobs like the ones that’ve been given to other people, but they do realize they’re needed for their society to function. For their lively hood they’ll do whatever it takes to build their new home from the ground up.

Their goal is to live and make the world a somewhat better place.