10 Best baby shower games that will make your guests laugh to tears

Your baby shower isn't complete without some fun and silly games. We consulted shower-planning pros (and got creative) to find the best baby shower games and activities around that will make your guests both sentimental and crying - with laughter!

Created by Marhababy
On Feb 21, 2016

Pin the pacifier

Blindfold your guests and get them to pin the sticker pacifier on the baby image.


Prepare the baby socks

Have a pile of unpaired baby socks. Each guest must match as many socks as they can in one minute or less. The person who matches the most socks is the winner.


Make a baby!

Get a box of play-doh and ask the guests to create a baby. Have fun watching the funny shapes :)


Guess how big mummy has become

Get a measuring tape, or a rope and a marker, and each guest can predict how big the new mum-to-be belly is. The guest with the closest number wins.


Name the baby animal

Create a list of animals and ask the guests to name the baby animal for each (Ex: Baby giraffe is called a calf).


Can you change the diaper?

Blindfold 2 or more of your guests and ask them to change the diaper of a doll.


Baby food challenge

Prepare few kinds of baby food and have your guests taste them and guess the name of each. Watch those facial expressions and enjoy :)


Spin the baby bottle

This is the baby version of truth and dare :) You can pin a paper bottle onto a rounded card board with funny challenges written on it, or simply spin a baby bottle while the guests sit in a circle and throw some fun challenges.


Pass the pacifier

Separate your guests to 2 teams. Each guest must put a straw in their mouth. Everyone in the team must pass the pacifier from straw to straw, no hands. Fastest team wins.


Grilling the dad-to-be

Few days before the shower, ask the dad-to-be few questions about parenting. Examples: How many hours should a newborn sleep/ What to do if the baby is crying/ Do you think your baby will be born with a lot of hair/ When can a baby eat solid food. Share the answers at the party. Results can be hilarious!