How Much Do You Know About PSG?

Champions League quarterfinals are here and Barça must face PSG. They might have the match prepared. And you, are you prepared? Do you know everything about Barça's opponent?

Marc Peiron Vilaró
On Apr 20, 2015
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We have a some former Barça players in PSG. Which is Motta's number?

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PSG was formed by the merger of Paris FC and Stade Saint-Germain. Which year?

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Ibrahimovic is the star of the team. How many goals has he scored in all competitions so far this season?

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Maxwell is another former Barça player. How many seasons did he spend in the Catalan team?

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Who is this player?

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A lot of Brazilian players are part of PSG's squad. How many?

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Barça lost the match in Parc des Princes in the group stage. Which of these players did NOT score?

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How many times have PSG won Ligue 1?

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Who is this player?

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PSG's current first jersey is blue. Which was the first color, when it was founded?

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