Are you Electra Heart or Cry Baby?

which one of these pretty persona's are you?

Maisy Grant
Created By Maisy Grant
On Mar 29, 2017

Are you more Alice or the Queen of hearts?

What makes you sad?

Would you rather be a queen or a princess?

Living live like....

What's your worst personality trait?

What's you best quality?

Which Marina&theDiamonds lyric best describes you?

Which Melanie Martinez lyric best describes you?

Pick a 'froot'

Pick a teen TV show

What intruiges you the most?

Pick the skirt you're most likely to wear

what's your motto

Are you more broken-hearted or more frozen-hearted?

Electra Heart

Electra Heart

A Cold-hearted queen, that’s how people describe Electra.
Electra is a real diva; nothing is enough for her.
Even though she’s selfish and greedy, she is also a very determined and ambitious. Because of this people are Automatically drawn to her magnetic personality.
Electra also tends to be very distant; you can never truly have her. This makes her very mysterious and a true heartbreaker. It’s almost like she’s constantly wearing a mask. Deep down Electra is just a sweet girl, hurt by things from the past.

Cry Baby

Cry Baby

A puzzled princess, that how people describe Cry Baby.
Cry Baby is an idealistic girl, when things don’t go her way she…. Well, you guessed it, starts crying. She’s tends to be a bit naive, because of this she sugarcoats things a lot.
She likes interpreting things more positively than they actually are. She does this by making everything around her have a children’s themed aesthetic. This turns all of the tragic things around her bittersweet. Because of her childlike nature Cry Baby is imaginative and artistic.