Which Sanderson Sister Are You?

Are you as cruel and intelligent as Winifred ''Winnie'', observant and calming influence as Mary or crazy and beautiful as Sarah? Take the quiz to find out...

Mackenzie Hollister
Created by Mackenzie Hollister
On Apr 28, 2016

What is your favourite colour?

If you were a witch, what would be your power?

What would be your mean of transport?

What do you dislike most?

What witch's accessory could you not live without?

How would you describe yourself?

What is your favorite line from the movie?

What do you fly on?

Pick a song...

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Winifred Sanderson

Winifred Sanderson

You are cruel, smart, selfish, funny and vain as Winnie. You sold yours and your sisters' souls to the devil for a magical spellbook you absolute adore and because of your lover's affair with your sister Sarah, are obsessed with remaining both young and beautiful forever. You also are the eldest and most intelligent of the Sanderson Sisters and born to be the leader of the trio. Just the next time, grab the chance of sucking the lives of the children it's easier to and not try to make impossible, possible (that you can) because you're called ugly (which you hate the most). Congratulations, you're the most feared of the trio...

Mary Sanderson

Mary Sanderson

You are the most observant of the Sanderson Sisters. You are known to trying to get Winifred's attention, and tends to be the calming influence to her. You're not as ditzy as Sarah and sometimes seen barking like a dog, though this usually happens when you try to be intimidating. You have the ability to smell children from great distances and can even recognize the gender. You are excited by television and can fly on a vacuum cleaner. You're loyal to your older sister Winifred and since the death of Billy Butcherson (Winnie's and Sarah's lover), you work as a peacemaker between the two. The next time, try to effect Winnie's mind more, so that you can regain your youth before sunrise and by taking the first child you see in front of you and not a girl who called your sister ugly.

Sarah Sanderson

Sarah Sanderson

You are the most beautiful and youngest of the Sanderson Sisters. You are also noted for being very flirtatious and romantic and hate men who reject you. You are childlike and crazy which your sisters' might find as your being an airhead. You are a flirtatious yet insane witch. You enjoy playing with people and use Your powers to enchant men and children. However You are also very obedient towards your oldest sister, Winifred. The next time, you better lure all the children and live no one sane, because of that, you would make it far more easy to suck the lives out of children before sun rise and turn into dust. But you still deserve a congratulations for being so beautiful, obedient to your sister and have such an amazing power.