The Ultimate Wes Anderson Quiz

In honor of the release of Wes Anderson's 8th full length feature "The Grand Budapest Hotel", we ask: How well do you know the director and his quirky catalog? Test yourself and find out!

Lyndsey Saul Bender
Created by Lyndsey Saul Bender
On Mar 29, 2017
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When Steve Zissou gives a tour of his boat in Life Aquatic, what song is playing?

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Where is the one place the actors in "Fantastic Mr. Fox" did NOT record any of their dialogue?

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TRUE OR FALSE: Adrien Brody, Owen and Luke Wilson applied their own makeup while filming "The Darjeeling Limited."

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What type of fish was cut out of "The Life Aquatic" for being "too ridiculous?"

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Which Wes Anderson movie(s) contained references to The Peanuts?

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The name of Bill Murray's character M. Ivan in "The Grand Budapest Hotel" can be read as what?

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What book is Ms. Cross reading when she first meets Max in "Rushmore?"

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TRUE OR FALSE: A black-and-white picture of Jacques-Yves Cousteau is hanging on the wall in "Bottle Rocket" during a party scene.

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Under what name does Margot Tenenbaum keep a secret studio?

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What is Anderson's favorite movie?

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