How Far Would You Go For Love?

Are you willing to cross the whole world for the person you love or will you just take some small steps?

Created By Lp1987
On Feb 6, 2019
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If you have to choose between love and your profession?

When you were a kid you always fantasized about....

Choose a movie...

Choose a dessert

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Do you believe in destiny?

Do you think we can love more than one person in our life?

Have you ever had a long distance relationship?

Do you believe in polyamory?

Far, far away

Far, far away

Of course, we knew it. You are a passionate lover. You believe that love is the most elegant feeling and would do anything to be able to be with the person you love and you care for. We are so happy to know that there is still hope out there (because we feel the same). We are sure the person you love is happy to have you and know that you would do anything and go anywhere to be with them.

Far but...

Far but...

Of course we have to follow our heart and feelings but keeping perspective is also equally important. You would move and change your life for the person you love but also know when to stop and when you have to stop fighting for something that is not going anywhere anyways. This combination is the perfect balance. As we always say: Go for it but don't drown in it.

You wouldn't move a finger

You wouldn't move a finger

This is not because you are lazy, or maybe you are also lazy, but it is more because you have other priorities in life. Why follow someone that can stop loving you at any time if you can concentrate and take care of your own life, because at the end you are the only one that will be always there and you have to take care of yourself. Still we think you have to open your heart a little bit and try to also enjoy the moments that other people give you.