What Tarot Soul Card Are You?

Tarot is not just for predicting your future. Everyone is born with a soul card. It tells who you are at a deeper level from birth. So what does your soul say about you?

Love the Tarot
Created by Love the Tarot
On Mar 29, 2017

What color are you most attracted to?

What ambition fits you best?

You are most likely to be...?

Your most negative aspect would be...?

How are you around others?

What is the one word that others would say most describes you?

You Are The Magician

You Are The Magician

Visionary and inspirational, you’re the person people go to for new ideas. You’ve got the uncanny ability to turn your ideas into reality – or at least get others so excited that they do it for you.

Focus is a key to your success. If you put your mind to something in a serious way, you’re almost assured that it will become a reality. Communications and clear quick thinking are your gifts.

Magic is nothing more than the manipulation of energy to one’s will. At their best, Magician types are positive masters of manipulation.

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You Are The High Priestess

You Are The High Priestess

Wisdom and refined receptivity define your basic nature.

Not one to make a scene you quietly and carefully take note of everything around you. Sensitive to the subtlest of energies, you can be depended upon to notice what most of us miss.

Your quiet patience and virtuous demeanor often set you on a pedestal people are grateful to bow before. Your intuition is strong and you tend to use your feelings at least as much as your fine intellect when making decisions that matter.

Those represented by the High Priestess have the gift for seeing the whole picture without getting swamped by the details.

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You Are The Empress

You Are The Empress

Deeply compassionate and nurturing, you’re a natural mother.

If you’re not birthing children, you’re busy birthing new creations in the form of art, food or music, anything that inspires the senses. You are sensuality embodied and when you focus on your task, unusually prolific.

Your kind nature draws many wayward souls your way and you do your best to help them all. To the Empress, nothing is more important than creation and creation grows from love.

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You Are The Emperor

You Are The Emperor

Assertive and confident, you have a strong sense of your own dominion.

You work hard to create the world you want to live in and have little tolerance for upstarts pushing in uninvited. Once you’ve set your mind to something, your focus rarely wavers. An aura of authority surrounds you, and you are often found in charge.

You’re passionate about your convictions and few who know you are unaware of your beliefs. At your best you are dynamic, logical and know your own power. You can really make things happen, and woe be to those who might try to stop you.

You Are The Priest

You Are The Priest

Grounded and firm in your spiritual convictions, people look to you to help them with their important decisions. You’re often seen as a moral authority and it’s a role you relish.

Family, tradition and practicality are highlighted with the Hierophant energy, as is a highly attuned sense of the divine. You spend a great deal of time trying to bring it down to earth for the rest of us to learn from.

At times unyielding, you’re sense of right and wrong is firmly defined. When asked to make judgement, the Hierophant rarely shies away from the challenge.

You Are The Lovers

You Are The Lovers

It’s all about the relationships for you, romantic and otherwise.

Tending to your networks is a vital component of your personality. You like to have people around you and are most comfortable as part of a couple.

Though often quiet in a crowd, you pay close attention to what’s going on, finding lots to say later when safely home with your other half or close confidantes.

Making choices can sometimes be a struggle and you might find yourself flip-flopping a bit till you’re finally ready to commit. But once you do, you generally mean it.

Maintaining an open flow between one’s consciousness, unconscious and higher-consciousness helps the Lovers types maintain pleasant and well-balanced dispositions.

You Are The Chariot

You Are The Chariot

#7 The Chariot

#7 – The Chariot
If your tarot number adds up to 7, your personality and soul is represented by the Chariot.

You’re at your best when you’re on the move. Nothing brings you down faster than forcing you to stay in the same place for too long.

You work hard and move with the flow of things. Others depend on your fluid stability. People appreciate your strength and willingness to put in the work you expect from others.

You’ve managed to unify the opposite elements within yourself and know what it takes to compromise.

Victory is the fruit of the Chariot’s labours as you are ultimately recognized for your determination, focus and steady loyalty.

You Are Strength

You Are Strength

You have a fiery nature and yet know how to direct your inner wildness to foster your personal power.

Balancing the beast within with an innocent outlook and compassionate wisdom allows you to attain your goals. You have the ability to live with passion, while remaining mentally at peace.

Courage and integrity are your gifts when you focus and stay true to your inner wisdom. There’s more power in the gentle touch than in forcing an issue with rage and impetuosity.

The Strength personality has a strong lust for life and a particular appreciation for its eternal cycles.