This Mamma Dog Walked For Two Miles On Broken Legs To Save Her Puppies!

The world might seem like a dark place right now, but this mamma dog had one job; to save her puppies.

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On Jan 23, 2017
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Vera was found wondering the streets of Southern Spain; she wasn't in good shape. She had a badly broken leg.

Little did the vet know, Vera had a secret!

Little did the vet know, Vera had a secret!

Vera was taken to the Vet, who soon realized that she had just had puppies...

What they found will warm your heart!

Vera lead them to her puppies!

A bucket of puppies!

Vera had ten fat, healthy puppies!

Vera and her puppies are now safe and on the look out for a forever home!
Nice going Vera; a mother's love knows no bounds!

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