Can you name all these European capitals?

Are you a geography expert? Think you have a good knowledge of Europe? Very few people will get an excellent score on this quiz!

Created By lotteryTFS
On Apr 29, 2018
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Let's Start with a warm-up:
What is the capital of Italy?

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What is the capital city of Spain?

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Budapest is the capital city of which European country?

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I have just landed in Stockholm. it's very cold here. In what country am I?

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Lisbon is the oldest capital city in Western Europe. Where exactly is it?

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Here's a tough one: Where is Tallin?

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I am the smallest capital in Europe. Who am I?

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This is Ankara. Where is it?

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Forbes named the capital city of Malta as the best European city to visit in 2018. What's it called?

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Last one:
What is the youngest capital city in Europe?

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