How Irish Can You Become This St. Paddy's Day? A Drinker's Quiz

Do you go all out for St. Patrick's Day or do you prefer a tame evening with friends? It's time to raise a glass and find out your St. Paddy's drinking personality.

How festive will you dress for St. Patrick's Day?

When's the last time you were drunk?

How do you feel about beads and St. Patrick's Day?

What will be your first alcoholic drink on St. Patrick's Day?

What's the highest level of St. Patrick's debauchery you're guilty of?

Which of these is the least Irish?

You have a solid St. Paddy's buzz going, what do you want to eat?

How many drinks before you're standing on the bar singing "O' Danny Boy"?

You're drunk and can't find your phone, why do you do?

How many friends will you buy a drink on St. Patrick's Day?

What's your thought on parades?

How many drinks did you have last St. Patrick's Day?

What are your thoughts on green beer?

Ever seen a leprechaun?

What's the best city to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in?

"Oh, is today St. Patrick's Day?"

"Oh, is today St. Patrick's Day?"

Maybe you'll wear a green tie to work IF you remember. That's pretty much the extent of your St. Paddy's Day partying. Perhaps you'll read some James Joyce with a glass of wine when you get home.

You're more about Irish heritiage

You're more about Irish heritiage

You look at St. Patrick's Day as a celebration of all things Irish. You prefer Guinness and Jameson over green beer. You might get a little drunk, but you probably won't barf up the shepherd pie you had for lunch.

St. Patrick's Party Monster

St. Patrick's Party Monster

You're essentially a walking pint of green beer on St. Paddy's Day. You party harder than anybody and have no qualms about dressing goofy and having a care-free good time in public! You might wake up with a hangover, but who cares!