Which Famous Man Should Kiss You On Valentine's Day?

Every girl deserves a little lovin' on V-Day. Who says it can't be a little A list lovin'? Let's find out who is the right celebrity smooth for you!

Created by Lois
On Mar 29, 2017

Your last boyfriend was...

Where will your special man be taking you out for Valentine's Day?

Choose a dog...

Which words make you swoon?

Choose something to watch...

Which city would you most like to visit with your man?

With what shade shall you prepare your lips for said kiss?

Choose a Valentine's Day gift to follow the kiss:

Choose an on-screen couple:

Choose a scent for your man's musk:

Your dream job would be...

Lastly, which of these is your biggest turn on?

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

You got Benedict Cumberbatch! You’ve got to follow the clues to this man, he’s a mysterious one. But once you do, he will shatter your world with an unexpected lip lock that will make your year. You obviously like a guy that has both brains and brawn and you want a challenge. You've dealt with the cocky guy before and aren't interested in going down that road again. Plus, the added bonus of an English accent has crossed your mind a time or two.

Dave Franco

Dave Franco

You got Dave Franco! You’ve always gone for classic Mr. Confidence. Dave may not sweep you off your feet with words and wisdom, but he’s got what you’re really looking for on this, the most romantic day: great looks. Plus his sweet smile and puppy dog eyes are enough to get anyone’s heart racing.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

You got Joseph Gordon-Levitt! You love a guy with a big heart and a hard work ethic. Joseph has big plans for you two tonight. Perhaps a romantic getaway or a lovely poem. You wanted to spend your evening with someone who would make you feel special, valued, and would listen to your ideas. Joe is the guy for you.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

You got Ryan Reynolds! Jackpot. Who hasn’t wanted to lock lips with this hunk ever since his screen debut? You wanted to be charmed, well here you have it. One of the most charming guys around Hollywood, with his dashing good looks, winsome sense of humor, and did we say good looks? Expect a night of good conversation and lots of gazing into each other’s eyes. We’ll leave you two alone.