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The character of Joey was of normal intelligence for the early seasons before the actor decided to play him more "dim"
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The crew often switched up the drawing on the Magna Doodle, so the design can often be seen changing between shots
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In "The One Where Mr. Heckles Dies," Chandler calls Joey "Matt" (the actor's real name)
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The wedding dress Monica picked up for Emily isn't actually the one she wears at the wedding
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Monica's apartment changes number from 5 to 20
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The reason the gang had no trouble sitting at the same spot everyday at Central Perk was that it was reserved for them
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Pheobe claims to not understand Italian when speaking with Paolo, yet speaks fluent Italian with Joey's grandmother in a later season
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Ross is said to be 29 for over 3 years on the show
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Ross also has two birthdays: First, he claims it’s in December, then says he was born on October 18th
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Rachel's last name is “Green” in the credits, but the sign on Rachel’s door in Bloomingdale’s says ”Rachel Greene”
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There's a potato in the cake stand and there's not much else we can say about that
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Ever noticed that Central Perk had employee uniforms?
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Joey's food stains tend to change and diminish between shots
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