8 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Grab your makeup bag.

Liz Carlson
Created by Liz Carlson
On Nov 23, 2016

Use a spoon handle to help with a straight cat-eye line.


Sweep your mascara wand towards your nose instead of upward.


Use white eyeliner under a color liner to make it pop.


Mix up how you hold your straightener for a looser curl.


Mix petroleum jelly with any loose eyeshadow color for your own homemade lip gloss.


Use an eyeliner color that has opposite undertones of your eye color.

For blue eyes, use a copper color. Brown eyes, use dark blue. Green eyes, use purple.


To get rid of those nasty split ends, twist your hair and trim the bits that slip out.


Wrap false lashes around a brush before putting them on so they are easier to put on.

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