Only Teachers Will Be Able To Ace This Education Exam

Are you more of a Mr. Feeny, or a Ms. Trunchbull?

Elle Van der Veer
On Nov 29, 2017

True or False: Effective teachers must be passionate about helping their students learn.

Should you ever excuse a student's poor behavior?

Should your students ever figure out what, precisely, you want them to learn?

How much feedback should you provide to your students?

Pick from the below to complete this sentence: Students' prior knowledge can _____ learning.

What determines and sustains what a student learns?

As a teacher, are you ever done learning yourself?

What is the first rule of creating lesson plans?

How do you account for students who are more advanced than others, when planning lessons?

True or False: You need to present information in a variety of ways, because everyone learns differently.

How should you manage a difficult or disruptive student?

True or False: If one student misbehaves, you should punish the entire class.

WOW! You aced it! You must be a teacher!

WOW! You aced it! You must be a teacher!

Whoa. You're like, a teaching ninja. Or sensei. Or guru. Basically, you're the kind of teacher that makes it worth their students' while, every single day. The children are certainly our future, and you're invested in–and passionate about–their progress as they become members of society. The world needs more people like you!

Hmmm... This is not your calling!

Hmmm... This is not your calling!

You know, teaching might not be the best field for you to go into. Unless you have an open mind and you're willing to change, your natural instincts might be more of an advantage elsewhere–like, perhaps, the military? Just give it some thought, and come back to it when you're ready.