You All Know This Character, But You Probably Don't Remember Who Played Her

Who was your favorite side character on Friends?

Liat Kazir
Created by Liat Kazir
On Mar 1, 2021

After watching hundreds of episodes of Friends over and over, you probably developed a solid opinion about each of the characters, and of course you chose your favorite. However, you probably haven’t invested much thought in the side characters and guest appearances. Almost 17 years after the last episode, it’s time for you to determine: which side character of Friends is the most popular?

Who is Your Favorite Side Character on Friends?






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Do you know who played those beloved side characters?

Many celebrities guest-starred on Friends. Do you remember which character they played?

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Who Brad Pitt Played while he was married to Jennifer Aniston (Rachel)?

Alongside them, did these famous actors star on Friends too, or we've totally made it up?

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Brooke Shields

Do You Consider Yourself A Friends Superfan?

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