Which member of The Monkees are you?

Hey-Hey, It's the Monkees personality quiz! Four wacky band mates of the late 1960's had a groovy TV show with plot-lines, music, guests and gags that would knock your socks off. Can you dig it? Sock it to me!

Lauren Montera
Created By Lauren Montera
On Mar 29, 2017

1) Which instrument would you like to play?

You are the ______ one.

Your sense of humor is

What's your favorite thing to wear?

Your favorite part about Christmas is

Pick a phrase.

Your bad side is you can be

You are secretly

What costume do you like best for Halloween?

Kissing you is like

Describe your singing voice/style.

Which do you hate the most?

What word best describes you?

Pick a charity

The best of these that you did was

The stupidest thing you ever did was

Why on Earth did you dress in DRAG? (Guy unwillingly dresses up as a girl)

Everyone makes fun of you for your

Pick a running gag

Davy Jones

Davy Jones

You are the enchanting wit Davy Jones. Who could resist the cute guy with the fast tongue full of wit? You know 1000 ways to sweep a girl off her feet at the turn of a phrase. But, you never go steady, or miss the late show. You dig songs from Broadway, Brenda Lee and Bobby Rydell. Musically, you are much more a sweet-hearted ballad singer with a unique voice-to the point of it being an acquired taste. Your charming persona melds best with Broadway numbers and big brassy sounds.

Mike Nesmith

Mike Nesmith

You are the strong and sturdy Mike Nesmith. You may come off as cold and callous, but you’re just very determined in your goal and don’t want to look like a sissy. You love your friends and family whole-heartedly and always keep them as your top priorities. Musically, you are incredibly dedicated to writing your own songs and putting just the right guitar groove to it. You write what you feel and never stray too far from your roots.

Micky Dolenz

Micky Dolenz

You are wild and crazy Micky Dolenz. You’re not afraid of making yourself look silly for a good laugh. You tend to slip up once in a while, and have a hard time being brave, but your quick and ready mind are great for getting friends out of jams, along with your many impressions. Musically, you are a power-house of a singer. You rock on and on until you can’t breathe another note. Only your drums can handle that intensity.

Peter Tork

Peter Tork

You are the lovable goof Peter Tork. Though lacking in intellect, you have the biggest heart and a great love of peace among your friends. You’re the last one to fight and the first to grab a beer and a veggie burger. It’s not that you don’t have common sense, it just differs from everyone else’s and you’re okay with that. You’re extremely tolerant and will do literally anything to save your friends. Musically, you are the great instrumentalist with magic fingers for anything you find. The band can count on you to not only play the hardest solos, but also write them. Though vocals aren’t necessarily your thing, you can be back-up singer on a few songs. The most important thing for you is versatility.