What Kind Of Modern School Child Are You?

Could you hack it in a modern environment or are you a vintage school child at heart?

Created By LaurenBuzz
On Sep 17, 2017

What do you listen to music on?

How do you read literature?

How do you get to school?

What is your favourite class at school?

What is your favourite TV show?

How do you communicate with your friends?

What do you do on the weekend?

What do you colour with?



You would never survive in a modern classroom. You love colouring with crayons and reading books. You still listen to your Walkman and don't really understand technology. You might have Facebook but anything more advanced than that just freaks you out. You still communicate with your friends in person and avoid any kind of technological stimulation. You believe in old school methods of learning and you will stick to your beliefs. Unfortunately this wouldn't get you very far in the classrooms of today!



You are a modern day Millie. Well done! You would survive in all modern day classrooms. You love your Laptop, iPhone and kindle and love keeping up to date on the latest trends. You believe that technology is the future and you love moving with the times. You spend your weekends around your youngest relatives learning all the new gizmos and gadgets. You would definitely get straight A's in today's classroom.



You dabble in new technology but you also like to keep things authentic. You do own an IPhone and communicate with the world via technology but you will still read books and touch base with real, authentic learning methods. You would pass modern day high school but you are also aware of how important keeping a balance is with your learning methods.