Do You Know The Names Of These Human Body Parts?

Do you know the human body? It's one of the most researched subjects out there for a reason. Each part of the body is unique and necessary for life.. Put your knowledge to the test and see if you have what it takes! For more kwizzes like this and other entertainment, visit - . Also please like our facebook page -

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On Jun 14, 2015

What is that muscle called?

What are the two holes in your nose called?

What is the topmost layer of the skin?

What are these?

The skull is composed of what two parts?

The colored portion surrounding the pupil is called the .....

Tom says that the bones around your chest that protect organs such as the heart are called the ribs. Is he right?

Tom then eats some French Fries. As they are heading towards his stomach, they go through a long tube first. What is this tube called?

After the French Fries arrive in Tom's stomach, which part of the body do they go through next. (Hint: It's what's in the picture above)

What muscles are these on your stomach?

Better Luck Next Time!

Better Luck Next Time!

Sorry! You might want to take an anatomy class.

Awesome Job!

Awesome Job!

You did it, nice job! These body parts are important to know about. If you understand what the functions are of each of these, you'll be able to take care of yourself better. You probably already know this though because you were smart enough to pass this quiz.