How well do you know the International Trot ?

On October 15th, it's International Trot day at Yonkers Raceway, test your knowledge about the prestigious event !

Kristin Riise Ødegård
Created by Kristin Riise Ødegård
On Oct 3, 2016
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In which year did the Inaugural International Trot take place?

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Inaugural International Trot winner, Jamin, was affected by the loss of over 150 pounds of a food at the airport, what was it?

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Which country has had the most International Trot winners?

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How many times have the French won the International Trot?

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When Roosevelt Raceway closed, the International Trot was moved to Yonkers. What year was the race ran at Yonkers for the first time?

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In 2015, the International Trot came back after a 20 years break, Papagayo E won, which country is he from?

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How many nations are represented in the 2016 International Trot?

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Two drivers have won the International Trot 3 times, what do they have in common?

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Ideal du Gazeau and Eugene Lefevre won the race three year in a row, which years?

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The International Trot has been won by mares 11 times, but how many mares have won the race?

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Speedy Crown won the event and sired a winner of the International Trot, which one?

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This horse is racing in the 2016 International Trot : Tano Bork, where's he from?

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How many races take place every year in Denmark?

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In 1960, the record was set for attendance at the International Trot, how many people saw Hairos II win?

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Vidar Hop will drive B.B.S. Sugarlight on October 15th, who drove him last year?

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Italy has two horses in the 2016 International Trot, the country has only has one winner, who was it?

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When did Mack Lobell win the International Trot?

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A French horse won the International Trot in 1990, who was it?

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Hannelore Hanover has earned over $1,000,000, how much did she originally cost?

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Where is On Track Piraten from?

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