What Gender Is Your Soul?

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus...

Keira Butler
Created by Keira Butler
On Mar 28, 2019

Which of these statements describes you better?

Which of these behaviors is more common for you?

Which of these do you prefer?

Finish this sentence: In times of emotional distress I prefer to ______.

How much do you relate to this statement?: My emotions come in waves and cycles.

Which of these statements most accurately describes you:

How do you prefer to speak to others and relay information?

How do you feel about traditional gender roles?

75% Masculine, 25% Feminine

75% Masculine, 25% Feminine

Your soul is 75% masculine and 25% feminine. This means that you have an inherent need to have your actions and accomplishments recognized and appreciated and can still manage to express feelings. You speak to others in a way that is rational and informative, rather than emotionally expressive and you enjoy solving problems on your own rather than immediately seeking help from others. Protecting your loved ones and providing them with safety and security makes you feel valued and you are a trustworthy partner thanks to your balanced soul!

100% Feminine!

100% Feminine!

Your soul is inherently feminine. Providing others with emotional support and acknowledging their feelings brings you great joy and happiness! While you sometimes experience waves of emotions rather than a consistent pattern of moods, all you need to feel better is for someone to listen to you and recognize what you’re going through. Your instincts and intuition are incredibly strong and you work best when you cooperate with others. You’re an amazing listener and are able to help others heal from emotional distress thanks to your kind heart and sensitive, feminine soul!

50% Feminine, 50% Masculine

50% Feminine, 50% Masculine

Your soul is a pleasant balance of masculine and feminine energy. This means that not only are you able to provide others with emotional support, but you also feel valued when your achievements are recognized and appreciated. Thanks to your unique ability to maintain the harmony between the genders, you’re able to handle life’s ups and downs efficiently and are great to have around during times of crisis. Not only that but, you’re capable of mature love that is fulfilling and passionate! You really are the best of both worlds!