Best Raised Garden Beds: Important Things You Need to Know

A raised garden bed has many advantages that you will make your plants thrive and make you a happy gardener. For example, it has better drainage, improved aeration and allows you to control weeds easily.

Best Raised Garden Beds: Important Things You Need to Know

Raised garden beds are ideal for areas that receive a lot of rain. Many gardeners say once you try a raised garden bed, you will never go back. One thing about raised garden beds is that they are super easy. In this short post, we are going to discuss important things you need to know about raised garden beds.

Advantages of Raised Garden Beds

There are many advantages that a raised gardening bed. They include:
Better drainage- Vegetables and flowers need good aeration. A raised garden bed allows you mix up different types of soil easily to improve the aeration of the setup. This allows plants to breathe and expel CO2 easily.

Improved drainage-As long as you have mixed the soil, it will be less compact. With less compact soil, it means plants will be able to get enough nutrients. So even when there is too much rain, the soil will always be well-drained and plants will thrive.

Roots will spread easily-Since the soil will be less compact, the roots will be able to spread easily. They will grow deeper to access water and nutrients from the fertile soil. With good root development, the plants will grow healthy and anchor well in the soil.

It’s easier to control weeds- With a raised garden; you will not encounter as many weeds as a ground garden. Since it involves deep cultivation, all the weeds are exposed. This helps to control weed easily.

It’s easy to amend soil-Amending a patch of soil is usually not easy. However, with a raised garden bed, it is a lot easier than you can imagine. This is mainly because raised garden beds use soil in small patches, making it easy to mix up the soil
It’s easy to control pest-Raised garden beds are independent, and for this reason, you will rarely find pests moving from one bed to another. In most cases, infestation only happens in one bed. This means that you will have better pest control.

What can be Grown in a Raised Garden Bed

There are many crops you can grow in a raised garden bed. It is also easy to care for plants in these settings.

· Vegetable

For people who love vegetables, you can grow veggies on your raised garden bed. Veggies that will grow well on this setup include cucumber, spinach, cherry tomatoes, watermelon, carrots and lettuce cutting mix.

You can also potatoes, peppers, onions and herbs. For veggies that can germinate from seeds, you can grow corn, peas, beets, cucumbers, salad greens and others.

· Flowers

Most flowers can be grown on raised beds. You only need to tend to them well by ensuring that they receive enough sunlight, water and fertilizer, and you will have healthy plants.

We may all not have gardening talent or passion, but with constant practice, you can become a celebrated gardener. The best way to go about this is by starting small so that you can get a chance to improve as time goes. Please check out best raised garden beds.