Can You Pass The Sociopath Test?

This 15 question quiz is based on a real psychological test that analyzes levels of sociopathy and narcissism. Will you pass?

Joyce Martin
Created by Joyce Martin
On Nov 15, 2020

Success is based on survival of the fittest; I am not concerned about the losers.

I find myself in the same kinds of trouble, time after time.

I am often bored.

In today's world, I feel justified in doing anything I can get away with to succeed.

People who are stupid enough to get ripped off usually deserve it.

Love is overrated.

Do you fail to learn from experience?

Do you particularly care about how others feel?

You've just hurt someone’s feelings. How does that make you feel?

Are you aggressive or cool headed?

You are a generally anxious person.

Would you describe yourself as a social person?

How often do you tell lies or say insincere things?

You have delusions or other signs of irrational thinking.

Have you ever been in love?

You ARE a Sociopath!

You ARE a Sociopath!

Umm, we're kind of sorry (and scared) to say this, but according to this test, you ARE a sociopath!

You probably already know that, based on your antisocial behavior and no sense of moral. Don't be angry, but you should probably seek help and guidance, before you find yourself doing something that can cause you and the people in your life a great heartache.
But hey, you would be great on reality TV!

Totally NOT a Sociopath

Totally NOT a Sociopath

You are NOT a sociopath!
What were you thinking? That you are actually a sociopath? You are one of the most sweet, brave and helpful people out there!
You love other people, you always help others, even at a great personal price, and you always (well, almost always) have a smile on your face.
So what are you still doing here? Go and take one of those "What kind of chocolate are you" quizzes!

You Might Be a Sociopath

You Might Be a Sociopath

OK, so we've got some bad news and some good news.

Let's start with the bad news: According to this test, you have a little something in common with sociopaths. You are not fully there, but you do demonstrate a little antisocial behavior from time to time, and it's a little hard for you to follow certain social rules.
The good news is that you do follow your heart, you love some people, you care about the ones in your life, and you do help those around you (every once in a while). Hey, aren't we all a little anti-social sometimes??