Will You Die Alone?

We all die, but who will be by your side? Will you die alone? Let's find out!

Josephine Mayfield
On Mar 7, 2015

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Have you ever been told that you're an "old soul"?

How often do you talk to yourself?

How often do you shower?

What's your deadly sin?

Choose an animal companion.

How often do you need "alone time"?

Will you die young or live to a ripe old age?

Definitely not!

Definitely not!

You? Die alone? Impossible! You're outgoing, popular, loving and down right irresistible, You're a natural extrovert with a wide circle of friends and acquaintances that is constantly introducing you to new and interesting people. You thrive on these encounters and pride yourself on your fascinating social life. You're a natural magnet that draws people your away and you have an endless number of romantic adventures. If you haven't yet found the love of your life, there is no doubt that you will. It's no secret that you light up any room with your charm and sex appeal! You definitely won't be dying alone!

Only if you want to!

Only if you want to!

You'll only die alone if you choose to. You're independent, intuitive and naturally introverted. The world can be a bit overwhelming for you at times and you value your alone time. Without time to yourself to recharge, it's difficult for you to get through the ups and downs of the week. You're a loyal friend and many people are instantly drawn to you cool and calm personality. With you it's all about quality not quantity. You have deep friendships with a close circle of friends that truly love and admire you. However, you often feel the need to escape and focus on your own inner world. The choice is in your hands, whether you go out solo or not is in your hands! You'll only die alone if you want to!

No way! You'll die with your soulmate

No way! You'll die with your soulmate

Theres not a chance that you'll be dying alone, because you'll die after a long and happy life with your true love. When you pass over, you're soulmate will be right by your side. You're sensitive, romantic, and deeply loyal. Whether you're single or happily coupled you know better than the rest of us that everyone has another half and nothing can beat finding them. Your soulmate makes you whole and love if what gets you out of better every morning to face life's challenges. You're a romantic at heart and true love is your destiny.. You're simply too passionate and loving, there's no way you'll be dying alone!