10 Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow For Futures Live

Keep on top of the latest digital and tech advancements in dance, performance, clowning, rhythmic gymnastics, etc. with these informative and entertaining feeds.

Jordana Globerman
Created by Jordana Globerman
On Mar 29, 2017


FAT CONTENT is the brainchild of Rachel Lincoln, Daniel Holme & Anna Beecher; an experimental theatre company that aims to engulf, evoke and entertain! Their unique style fuses surrealism, naturalism, physical theatre, text/poetry and music. They draw on diverse themes and write collectively to create experimental, multidisciplinary performances that will make you think and dream. Check out their Twitter for info on their work in London and abroad. They are already getting ready for Fringe, so get excited!



Digital Theatre brings the best of British theatre, ballet and opera to your laptop so you never miss a show. Their objective is to make arts accessible regardless of geographical, social or economic boundaries, and we like that! You can watch online, in cinema or via their app. Their Twitter feed is full of RTs that will point you to the best events around London. They also engage extensively with community. If you have something to say, they will listen.



Benjamin Lalague is Marketing Manager for English National Ballet. He is also full of opinions on arts and the future of performance. He started the blog years ago from his studio in, obviously, Covent Garden and gradually geared it more and more to focus on dance and tech. His Twitter explores many angles of technology and performances, and has lots of striking visual content.



Remember the Tupac holograph? Of course you do. Musion 3D brought the rapper back from the dead with an unbelievable performance. They create virtual images, full-size human hologram effect, 3D graphics and digital theatre sets. Their Art Director, Oliver Gingrich, is also a UAL alumni. Want to scroll through as many videos of holograms as you can? This would be the place. Warning: real life will look pretty flat after though.



Pangenerator is a multi-disciplinary, new media design and art group based in Warsaw, Poland. Their work explores new means of expression by blending "bits, beats and atoms" for a slew of galleries, museums and festivals. These creations range from interactive installations to wearable teach, and all of them are is stunning! Twitter is the place to see what Pangenerator is working on. They are also big on education will help you stay informed on new media tech and performance.



Robert Delamere is the co-Founder of Digital Theatre and Digital Theatre plus. While we already mentioned their fantastic feed for a broad understanding of the latest shows, Delamere provides a much more visual and niche examining of the subject. The man is a Theatre / TV / Opera director, so he knows what he is talking about.



The Paper Cinema performs its own unique form of live animation, accompanied by originally scored music. Remember how Guerillas used to perform? Now you have the idea. They tour bespoke pieces with intricate pen and ink illustrations that are manipulated in real-time in from of a live feed and projected to live music. This company's Twitter is full of incredible visual content, so you can catch up on their masterpieces if you forgot to buy tickets.



Paper Show Ltd. is the UK's longest running experimental theatre company, born 1966. They are committed to making multi-disciplinary, multi-media live theatre that is always a collaborative effort, from beginning to end. They also embrace any new tech which makes for an ever-evolving repertoire. Check out their Twitter for an excellent mix of updates on their own goings on, as well as the projects of similar companies of which they are fans.



Roddy Hunter is an artist, educator, and curator of performances, new media, and fine art. His artistic and cultural views are always interesting. For a constant stream of information about London arts and events, keep your eyes locked to his Twitter. His political appreciation of arts is relevant to any student about to join the arts world IRL.



Lloyd Newson's multi-award winning DV8 Physical Theatre has produced over 19 highly acclaimed dance pieces, which have toured internationally, and four award-winning films for television. They are constantly touring productions and use Twitter to provide informative updates. Eva, Louise and Rhiannon are the brains behind the Twitter account, so thank them.