Can You Match The Celebrity To Their Crazy Hotel Demands?

Celebrities are crazy - especially in hotels. Their list of demands and antics can test even the most patient of hotel staff. So, can you guess which celebrity did each of these things in a hotel?

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On Mar 29, 2017
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Before his arrival, which male celebrity demanded his hotel room be completely redecorated in black?

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In the 5-star Forza Mare hotel in Montenegro, who asked the manager for all 10 rooms to be cleared so he could eat dinner in silence ?

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To protect his privacy, who asked staff at London's Jumeria Carlton Tower Hotel to build an 18-foot wall in the lobby?

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Which young celeb's fangirls jammed the phone lines at London’s Langham hotel in 2012 after they found the star's room number?

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Who startled a maid at London's Dorchester Hotel by opening his door wearing a full Mickey Mouse costume?

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After a dodgy reaction to medication at New York City’s Plaza hotel, which star racked up $20,000 worth of damage to the room, including smashed mirrors, furniture and TVs?

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Who once requested to have her own music videos playing on loop in her hotel room?

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Which female icon asked a London hotel for to ensure her room had 60 lit candles and $7,000 Italian sheets by designer Francesco Calvidini?

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Who had this crazy demand?: "Doorknobs must be disinfected every 2 hours".

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In full view of police outside a Wynn and Encore hotel in 2010, which female celeb reached for lip balm in her bag when out popped a small bag of cocaine?

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At the Mercer Hotel in NYC, who reportedly lost his temper with member of staff and threw a phone at his face?

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