Which Lost Civilization Do You Come From?

Feel like your soul hails from a different time? Perhaps it does: Come find out which lost civilization you are from!

Johan Beornson The Ist
Created By Johan Beornson The Ist
On Aug 15, 2014

Which of these is most important to you?

How do you deal with someone you don't like?

What do you spend the most time doing at home?

Which of these pieces of art calls to you?

What would your role be in ancient society?

Choose an ancient mode of travel:

Choose a place to build your home:

Someone is attacking your village! What do you save!?

Which of these ancient statues represents you best?

What is your spirit bird?



Intelligent and tech-oriented, you would have been right at home with the Mayan Civilization!

Your mind is constantly working, and you tend to be as creative as you are resourceful - Whether that be with technology or just life in general!
"One of the largest Mesoamerican civilizations, the Maya made extensive use of writing, math, an elaborate calendar, and sophisticated engineering to build their pyramids and terraced farms".

Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui

Strong-willed and brash, you would have made many things happen within the Rapa Nui tribes!

You have met few things in life that could stop you from accomplishing what you set out to do. You're determined and direct, and know how to get things done!

"Jared Diamond sums up what many scientists now believe in his book Collapse, which is that the Easter Islanders were incredibly sophisticated, but their methods weren't sustainable. During the time they settled Easter Island, possibly between 700-1200 AD, they used up all the island's trees and agricultural resources, and then had to move on".



Social and materialistic, you would have been quite the merchant within China's Niya civilization!

You have a penchant for the finer things in life, and love to buy new things. You're also quite the social butterfly, and enjoy the company of others.

"In a sense, Niya is a relic of the lost civilization of the early Silk Road, a trade route that linked China with Central Asia, Africa, and Europe. Many groups traveled the Silk Road, from wealthy merchants and religious pilgrims to scholars and scientists, exchanging ideas and creating a complex, enlightened culture everywhere the 4,000 mile Silk Road passed".



Creative and spiritual, your soul would have thrived within the Cahokia civilization!

Your wisdom comes from within, and you pull much of your creativity from your inner-self. Whether that be past experiences, spirituality, or your deepest consciousness - you tend to be your own muse, with fantastic results!

"The people of this great city, the biggest ancient civilization so far north in Mesoamerica, were brilliant artists, architects, and farmers, creating incredible art with shells, copper, and stone".