What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

If you still write by hand...What exactly does your writing style say about you?

Johan Beornson The Ist
Created by Johan Beornson The Ist
On Mar 29, 2017

Do you prefer to write neatly with a Pen or flexibly with a Pencil?

Do you write everyday items in cursive or standard?

How do you space between words in a sentence:

When writing, do the letters slope forward, backward, or not at all?

How do you space between lines within a paragraph?

Your words on the page are:

When you capitalize a letter, how much larger is it when compared to lowercase lettering?

In the absence of lined paper, does your writing slope upwards, right across the page, or slope downwards?

If labeling something permanently, you:

When writing, you press down:

When writing letters, are they rounded or pointed? (generally speaking, don't compare your handwriting directly to these)

And finally... Have you ever made a conscious effort to rework your handwriting style?

Organized and Headstrong!!

Organized and Headstrong!!

Self-Confident, Headstrong, and results-driven, you are a take-charge personality type whose writing is never in vain, and is always for a specific purpose. Whether it's jotting down notes or labeling something for eternity - your handwriting is firm and almost mathematic in execution, with words forming straight lines across the page for the most part. The sharp lettered consistency and organization of your handwriting is a direct reflection of your psyche, and mirrors your desire for organization (and at least partial control) in everyday life. You are practical, and think with your head above all else.

Reserved and Pensive!!

Reserved and Pensive!!

Protective, introspective, and somewhat shy - Your handwriting reflects your overall reserved demeanor and desire for privacy in everyday life. When writing, your lettering tends to be neat and even, though not to a concise or contrived point. Writing, for you, is the specific transcribing of ideas - Writing down your thoughts is sincerely helpful in daily life (and if you haven't tried this yet, we highly recommend it). Your handwriting tends to be small, and slant to the left, which directly reflects the desire to keep to yourself, or even to directly protect that which you are currently writing. You tend to weigh a handful of possible outcomes before arriving at any sort of conclusion.

Creative and Sporadic!!

Creative and Sporadic!!

Free-Spirited, Creative-Minded, and genuinely talented, your handwriting is a direct reflection of your negligence to be tied down or stifled in any manner. The thought of yourself or others being restricted by another individual's beliefs or actions is physically sickening. Your writing is generally rounded, with some or all letters connecting to each other. A key component of your handwriting is the spacing - Wide gaps in between both lines and words indicates your free-spirited conscience. When writing, your hand is a fluttering-fury of large letters - your hand struggling to keep up with the constant flow of ideas. This habit of large lettering indicates a tendency to be overly concerned with what others think of you. Regardless, you make decisions with your gut - and are prone to impulsive and sometimes adventurous decisions.