How Well Do You Know Dracula?

Know your vampire history? Find out just how much you truly know about the world's foremost vampiric villain!

Johan Beornson The Ist
On Jul 9, 2014
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Dracula famously hails from Transylvania, which is a part of what country?

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The character of Dracula is based on what real person?

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Which of these was the appearance of the actual historic Dracula?

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Which author famously fictionalized Dracula, creating the modern day vampire?

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Which of these guard Dracula in his castle home?

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Which of these is NOT a traditionally listed tool to kill Dracula?

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Who is this actor, responsible for the defining Hollywood performance of Dracula?

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Which of these does Dracula NOT shapeshift into in Stoker's original novel?

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In the original novel, which of these characters does Dracula successfully turn into a Vampire?

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Modern day vampires (and Dracula) are synonymous with the Bat. What creature was the name "Dracula" originally associated with?

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What type of armor did Dracula wear? We'll give you a hint... it wasn't sparkly diamonds...

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What MUST Dracula have to successfully rest and regain strength?

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Dracula is responsible for our modern ideals of what a Vampire should be. Before he was popularized in the late 1800s, what was the traditional description of a Vampire?

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Who is this famous actor portraying Dracula?

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And finally... Which of these is Dracula's original Arch Nemesis?

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