How Much of a Millennial Are You REALLY?

Some believe the Millennials to be the next great generation. Others think they need to put their phones down and look at a tree. Where do you fit in? Are you a real millenial? Or somewhere in between? Let's find out!!

Johan Beornson The Ist
Created by Johan Beornson The Ist
On Aug 27, 2014

Lets just go ahead and get right down to it: How Awesome Are You?

How many Social Media networks are you involved in?

How's your current job situation?


Choose a music artist to listen to:

How does this image make you feel?

BE HONEST: What do you post about on Facebook?

Your first thoughts are...

How are you with cats?

And finally... Do you take Selfies!?



Go ahead, say it out loud. There isn't a post you don't like, or a social issue you don't have a vaguely-informed opinion on. You jam to all the latest pop tunes, and #newsflash: You're so fancaaaay. Am'I'Righ'? Some believe the Millennials to be the next great generation. Others think they need to put their phone's down and look at a tree.

Either way - Welcome to Generation "Me", population: You.

The "Advantageous" Millennial!

The "Advantageous" Millennial!

You! You're wishy-washy, aren't you? You're everywhere at once, yet sometimes nowhere at all! The 'Millennial' mindset has only somewhat taken-hold of your brain: You know what's up in the world and how to use all the latest technology, but don't shove it down everyone's throat, either. You're still not immune to the shitty economy our last "great generations" left us with, but hey - You make the best of what you're given. Most importantly, you only use #hashtags when they're necessary, So... Thanks for that.

Hah! I Am No Such Thing!

Hah! I Am No Such Thing!

Where did you come from, and how much does your awesome salary job pay you? HOW ARE YOUR INCLUDED BENEFITS, WIZARD!? - We're willing to bet you've got your shit together. Thank God, 'cause this world needs you. You're intelligent, informed, and down with the latest trends so as long as they're not teeth-gratingly awful, which most are. When this country hits the fan, it'll be you we turn to. So don't F^%# up, K?