Can You Pass an Anger Management Test?

Do you have it all under control or are you bursting at the seams!?

Johan Beornson The Ist
Created by Johan Beornson The Ist
On Nov 22, 2018

One of your friends becomes intoxicated and begins badmouthing you in front of others. You:

You've prepped your garden for months and have beautiful tomatoes! Then you discover that squirrels have gnawed up each one! You:

You've gone out of your way to take a friend to work, but they're taking forever and now you're going to be late for work! You:

A friend invites someone you don't know over to your place and they end up breaking something of yours in the kitchen... You:

A co-worker decides to voice their displeasure with your performance in front of everyone. You:

A family member that you usually disagree with goes too far and says some things that really hurt your feelings. You:

You've bought tickets in advance to see a film you're really excited for... and then THAT GUY sits right behind you with three bags of crinkly candy and firmly places a knee in the back of your seat. You:

Your significant other explains that he/she will be late home from work, but you happen across them sharing wine in a restaurant with someone else. You:

You've gone out of your way to be at the airport early and are waiting at the gate when your flight gets delayed. You:

Absolutely! You Pass!

Absolutely! You Pass!

Whether you've struggled with anger, jealousy, and all of their counterparts in the past or not - You've managed to work yourself into (or maintain) a very healthy state of being. Sure, you still get upset or find the occasional annoyance, but are not prone to outbursts or blowing situations out of proportion. Psychologically, you tend to work problems out directly with whomever may be the source of said issues, and actively make effort not to bottle things up. Many strong correlations between stress/anger levels and overarching health have been made - and your state of mind is a wonderful way to ensure a longer, healthier life!

You've got Moderate Anger Issues!

You've got Moderate Anger Issues!

Your overarching reactions to aggressive emotions seem to be rather stable and average across the board. From a mental standpoint, you are fully aware of what upsets you and what does not - and tend to get upset over things that are more personal in nature. You are able to brush off problems that are clearly out of your control or are of happenstance, but anything pertaining to you directly can still cause quite a stir such as bouts with jealously or ego(s). You do, however, still have control over your temper from a psychological standpoint - and truly angering you into a fury takes effort. Just be ware of passive behavior and bottling up stressors.

You Didn't Pass!

You Didn't Pass!

Whether you are suppressing your emotions or hashing them out to everyone - You have some serious anger issues going on! Psychologically (and as mentioned), this stems from one of two places: You're either bottling everything up or having trouble fine-tuning emotional responses -Perhaps both. Small annoyances can turn into crippling bouts of anger, and accidents are always a "thing of purpose". The best possible way to alleviate some of this pressure is simply by talking about your issues with others, or perhaps coming to terms with qualities of yourself that you are not happy with. Anger always starts from within (as much as we like to place it on others), and you've got to be at peace with yourself before you can ever hope to achieve it with others.