Are You A Hero Or A Villain?

Ahh... The Age Old Question. Are you a valiant, infallible sentry of truth and justice? Or does all that sound like a bunch'a B.S. to a villain like you?

Johan Beornson The Ist
Created By Johan Beornson The Ist
On Jan 17, 2019

Let's get started... First, choose a color that appeals to you:

Now select your favorite animal from this group:

A bystander is being robbed. How do you react?

Which of these words appeals to you most?

You catch a friend or family member in a lie. How do you react?

Choose a Star Wars character!

What is the role of the government?

What is the meaning of life?

Which one of these would be a dream job for you?

And finally... Are you a good liar?



Peace! Truth! Justice! - You are a sentinel of liberty, a truly upstanding citizen who takes the needs of others into account before your own. For you, life is about making a difference - about leaving the world a better place than when you found it. Others look to you for inspiration, for guidance, and above all - leadership. The thought of being a tried and true hero does not embarrass you in the least - It fills you with pride. Now go forth, hero, and join the ranks of Superman, Captain America, Batman, and Spiderman - Make a difference!



Some people may call you an opportunist. Others may call you wishy-washy. But you - you're an Anti-Hero - the best of both worlds. Your moral compass is indefinite, and serves the betterment of the world, but not at the expense of reason and common sense. You do not hesitate to break the rules or step out of line if it is for the greater-good. You see the flaws in humanity, and recognize that society itself just may be doomed to failure. Yet something inside of you refuses to give up on your fellow-man, and pushes you to take care of those less fortunate than yourself. Now go forth, Anti-Hero, and join the ranks of Wolverine, Rorschach, and The Punisher to make a mess of the bad guys and take care of the good ones!



Ahhh, yes. One who waits in the dark, preferring the shadows to the harsh daylight. You... you are a villain. The world may not choose to bend to your will, but you will make it so one way or the other. You have risen to where you are now through grit and a blasé attitude. You're not afraid to reach out and take whatever you want, and show little regard (if any at all) for how your actions affect others. We all have our destinies - yours just happens to be a bit more "multiple choice" than those around you. Now go forth, villain, and rise to the ranks of The Joker, Magneto, and Lex Luthor - Time to make your bloody mark on this tired world!