R. Kelly Lyric or Anthony Weiner Sext?

The Prince of Pillow Talk's new album "Black Panties" is already streaming online. Can you tell if these quotes are lyrics from the album, or highlights from shamed New York politician Anthony Weiner's sexting scandals?

Jonathan Gal
Created By Jonathan Gal
On Mar 29, 2017
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"Would that be good? I imagine you rocking my world..."

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"I’m blessed with the insight to please your body... you’re lying with a sex genius..."

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"What are you wearing? You've never disappointed me, like never..."

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"I'll be telling you what dirty things I'm thinking..."

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"Off to the shower... this thing is bobbing up and down..."

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"Oh, tell me I’m the master baby..."

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"I’m a college grad… got my degree. I’m the head of my class..."

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"You will surely make noise when I take you deep..."

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"I love to lick the middle like an Oreo..."

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"Ridiculous bulge in my shorts now. Wanna see?"

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