Put a Ring On It: NFL Playoff WAG Challenge 2014

The playoffs are here and it's time to test your knowledge of the hottest NFL wives & girlfriends who'll be cheering in the VIP boxes

Jonathan Gal
Created by Jonathan Gal
On Mar 12, 2014
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Which Broncos WR recently married swimsuit model Anna Burns?

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Having said that, which Broncos WR recently married country singer Jessie James?

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OK, you're very smart, but which of these is an actual song by Deckers wife?

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Which of the following Celeks is engaged to Hooters waitress Sarah Hinton?

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How did Tom Brady's baby daughter Vivian cause controversy?

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Which Charger is married to video model Sasha Dindayal?

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Which Eagle "dated" (from left:) Brooke Bailey, Ashanti AND Chantel Jeffries, all in 2013?

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Which multi-initial Bengal got engaged to singer Miranda Brooke?

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Her name is Shenae Saifi and she likes taking selfies. But which 49er recently proposed to her?

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Her name is Courtney Eckhart and she likes cheering. But which 49er is she dating?

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Which Saint is dating MENSA member and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kasey Trione?

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NON PLAYOFF BONUS: Which player recently married hot "Scandal" star Kerry Washington and immediately retired from the NFL?

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