How Well Do You Know Your Super Bowl Halftime Shows?

Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers will take the stage when the Broncos play the Seahawks at MetLife Stadium. Can you remember who performed in the past at these classic Super Bowl halftime breaks?

Jonathan Gal
Created By Jonathan Gal
On Mar 29, 2017
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At Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta, when the Titans dramatically lost to the Rams, which global corporation completely ruined the halftime show?

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At Super Bowl XXXV in Tampa, when Ray Lewis won his first ring with the Ravens over the Giants, which comedian opened for Aerosmith?

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At that same show, which rising star joined Aerosmith on stage?

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After 9/11, with the nation in mourning, which act was booked to help heal America at the halftime of Superbowl XXXVI (Vinatieri FG wins it for NE over the Rams as time expires)?

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Last year it was Beyonce. Which NFL legend helped her take the stage?

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Which boy band played the halftime show when Buffalo lost to The Giants by 1 point in Super Bowl XXV?

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Who lost to the New England Patriots at the infamous Nipplegate bowl?

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Which Rock'n'Roll icon played the halftime show when Doug Williams became the first (and so far only) African American starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl in 1988?

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M.I.A got in trouble with the NFL, the FCC and NBC for the stunt she pulled when she performed alongside...?

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On January 31 1993, in Super Bowl XXVII, the Cowboys defeated the Bills at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, and the crowd was given a glimpse of true royalty at halftime. Who was the guest of honor?

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