2013 in... Worst Sports Fails!

From Lance Armstrong to the LA Lakers, this past year was rich with epic sports failures. Test your knowledge of these massive mess-ups with our end-of-the-year quiz

Jonathan Gal
Created By Jonathan Gal
On Mar 12, 2014
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Which sport should "Call Me Maybe" singer Carly Rae Jepsen stay away from?

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Just another typical day in Bosnian soccer. How will it end?

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Was there anything WORSE than Beyonce's halftime performance face fail at Super Bowl XLVII?

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Millions of soccer fans have been enjoying FIFA 2014, but one Dutch gamer did not. Why?

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While promoting "After Earth" in London, which Smith realized he should NOT be playing soccer?

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The Wisconsin countryside was home to one of 2013's most horrifying sports FAILS. Any ideas?

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What was Manti Te'o's imaginary girlfriend called?

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Just another typical day in Algerian soccer. How will it end?

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How was Walter Peyton's legendary #34 jersey shamed in 2013?

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Why is football not a game for little kids?

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Why would president Obama rather forget his basketball playing at the White House on Easter?

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When did LeBron James completely FAIL to keep his composure?

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