How Long Will Your Marriage Last?

Test the strength of your relationship!

John Burrows
Created by John Burrows
On Jan 12, 2017

Do you usually eat dinner together?

How often do you spend quality time in the bedroom?

Do you usually celebrate Valentine's Day?

On a regular weekday, do you go to sleep at the same time?

How do you usually settle an argument:

Have you ever seriously considered cheating on your spouse?

Does either one of your parents intervene in your relationship?

In your opinion: Do you have a healthy relationship?

Your Marriage will last for a lifetime!

Your Marriage will last for a lifetime!

You are the perfect embodiment of true love!

You two have truly connected on a deep and meaningful level, that you will stay married forever!
What started as a nice and sweet love affair between the two of you turned into a deep connection founded on understanding, respect, and a true feelings.
Love like the one you two have is rarely seen. You know that marriage is hard, but you are dedicated to each other, and you will not let anything come and shatter your bond of love.

Your Marriage will last for 50 years!

Your Marriage will last for 50 years!

Your relationship is based on true love!

You will spend the best 50 years of your life in the most romantic and wonderful relationship.
You and your partner are truly in love. You know how to have amazing time together, and also how to help each other during the harsh times.
You will have 3 children together, who will grow up in a loving and warm household.
After 50 years together, when you start the golden chapter of your life, you will decide to separate and live out your best years without any limitations. You will still have strong feelings for each other, and you will forever love each other, just in a different way.

Your Marriage will last for 30 years!

Your Marriage will last for 30 years!

You will have 30 years of a strong and loving relationship.
However, after 30 years of being with the same person, you will start to feel a little bored and trapped.
You will speak with your spouse and decide to separate for a few years. The next chapter of your life will start with some crazy and exciting experiences that will prove to you that people can always evolve.