Could You Survive As Outlander's Sassenach?

How well would you survive if YOU fell through some magical Scottish standing stones? Would you thrive like our leading Sassenach Claire or would you be unprepared for 18th century Scotland?

Johan Beornson
Created by Johan Beornson
On Apr 12, 2015

What would be most important to you if you found yourself in a foreign land?

Choose your survival catchphrase!

What special skill do you possess that could benefit a stranger?

You find yourself in the midst of a group of 18th century Scottish men. What would be your first instinct?

How confident are you that you could survive on your own?

How does someone earn your trust?

Choose your Outlander BFF!

What is more important: Blind Justice or Situational Mercy?

How do you cope at an uncomfortable dinner party?

You have been given the gift of clairvoyance. How do you use this ability to know the future?

Choose your Outlander match!

Choose the most important quality of a Sassenach:

BONUS! Choose the Outlander Mastermind (author)!

You Might Survive!

You Might Survive!

We all get by with a little help from our friends- and you just might too! Your ability lies in the power of persuasion, so put that to good use and make fast friends in your new strange environment- just make sure they know how to build a fire so your little toesies don't get a chill in the night!

You Will Survive!

You Will Survive!

You've got what it takes to survive as a Sassenach! Your strengths in common knowledge, loyalty and kindness will get you far in life and help you survive in your new strange environment. Harvest some herbal remedies and make some friends along the way and you'll do just fine!

You're a Thriving Sassenach!

You're a Thriving Sassenach!

Your survival skills are strongly aligned with our leading Sassenach, Claire! You know what it takes to survive and you are fearless in the face of peril! This is not to say that Claire ALWAYS knows best, but you sure are exceptional at getting out of a sticky situation- and let's face it- that's really all that matters in the end!