Can You Pass Biology 101?

Biology may not be able to give us the meaning of life - but it sure gives us everything else! Can you pass a college level mock Bio exam?

Johan Beornson
Created by Johan Beornson
On Mar 29, 2015

Biological classification, or the scientific classification method for living organisms in biology is called:

Pollination is best defined as:

Most fish do not sink in water because of the presence of:

The outermost part of a cell is called the:

Plants receive their NUTRIENTS mainly from:

The process of cell division can take place by:

Photosynthesis generally takes place in which parts of the plant?

Of the following taxonomic categories which is the most inclusive (i.e. is the highest in hierarchy)?

Organic Substances which, in very small amounts, control growth and development are called:

Plants have ____ while animals lack it.

This uniquely shaped part of an animal cell is called:

Which of these animals does NOT give birth to live young?

Oxygen in our blood is transported by a protein named:

Which of these men, who famously used a microscope to discover the cell nucleus in 1831, is pictured above?

BONUS - Movement of cell against concentration gradient is called:

You Just Might Pass!

You Just Might Pass!

Looking at your results on this mock-exam, you may have missed a few more than you got right, but not many! Biology is an expansive, intricate branch of the sciences that many dedicate their lives to mastering. The great thing about an education, however, is that it's never-ending! It looks like you just need to study a few terms or brush up on your life sciences and you'd be able to pass a college level Bio class no problem.

You Passed! Nicely Done!

You Passed! Nicely Done!

Did you find this mock-exam to be a tad on the difficult side, or was it not too bad? Either way, you may not have absolutely aced it - but you certainly passed with a solid grade! Looking at your results, you may have missed a few of the tougher questions (Biology is an EXPANSIVE sicence) but your foundation of knowledge when it comes to the natural world is solid. Either way, you've got a leg up on most when it comes to the science of life, and that's not something to take for granted! Well done!

You Are A Master of Life! A True Bio-Buff!

You Are A Master of Life! A True Bio-Buff!

Color our cells impressed! You either aced this mock-exam or got a lot more right than you did wrong, either way - nice job! Your knowledge of biology extends beyond "hey - what dog breed is that?" genetics, and into a finer understanding of "why yes, mitosis IS a part of the cell cycle process!" The intricacies of life's working mechanisms seem to fascinate you - and why wouldn't they? Your Biology knowledge gives you an excellent foundation when discussing and/or researching anything from hereditary genetics to the taxonomy of life on this planet! Go you!