What Kind of Mormon Are You?

The Mormon religion is a diverse worldwide church.
Take this fun quiz of 24 questions to see what kind of Mormon you are or would be if you were baptized into the Mormon church.

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On Mar 26, 2015

What is your favorite Hymn?

How many children do you have or want to have?

What college did you attend or would like to attend or cheer for at football games.

A demon appears before you. What do you do?

Pick a Career.

Favorite Mormon Musician.

Favorite Mormon Quote.

Its General Conference Time!

Do you believe in Ghost?

What is your personal worship style. How do you feel close to God?

Its Sunday and you are not feeling well. What do you do?

Who is your favorite Mormon Fantasy Author?

Do you believe in Magic?

Why Do You Collect Food Storage?

There is a boring speaker in sacrament meeting. What do you do?

How would you like to experience other cultures of the world?

What is your favorite holiday?

Caffeine and the Word of Wisdom.

In addition to General Conference, what conference or convention would you like to attend?

You are going into War. What captain would you like to follow?

How do you feel about women and the Priesthood?

You will do what ever the Lord asks, but what calling is your favorite to do?

How would you like to participate in Sacrament Meeting?

What kind of Mormon do you think you are?

Liberal Mormon

Liberal Mormon

This in no way means that you are liberal politically, rather, you are liberal in love. You love the freedom the Mormon religion gives you. You live by the saying of the Prophet Joseph Smith: “I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves.”
You believe God is merciful and lots of different kinds of people will be in heaven, including non-Mormons. You love people and seek first to understand.
You biggest pet-peeve is the intolerance of other Mormons and a zealous culture which is more of a threat to mankind than Russian missiles, wheat weevils, or R-rated movies.
You love learning about other places and people. You appreciate differences and know that it takes all kinds of individuals to make a society function.

Teacher / Missionary Mormon

Teacher / Missionary Mormon

You love to share the gospel and had a gift for teaching and wisdom. You love to study the scriptures and history. You always have a story from your mission to tell and are very good at parables and helping other people feel close to God. Sharing the gospel gives you an extra boost of energy or an adrenalin rush. You love all different kinds of people and have heart ache when someone rejects the good things you are offering. You are an amazing person. You may not realize it, but your greatest missionary tool is the example you set and your greatest and most important students are you own family.

Mystic Mormon

Mystic Mormon

Yes, you are that awesome. As a natural born warrior, you are ready to fearlessly fight the armies of darkness. You love the fantastical stories of supernatural strength and priesthood powers such as calling down fire from heaven and walking on water. You love quests and will often view your church calling as a divine mission. You like to be challenged. Your weakness comes from dealing with the mundane. If your calling, job or progression toward heaven isn't exciting enough, you often retreat to video gaming or other fantasy worlds where you can act out your epic and heroic role. Remember that your time will come to stand heroically in the battle against Satan and you will need to do all the small mundane stuff to be ready for when the time comes. You out of all people have a challenge with scripture study. You will find things in the scriptures that will give you inside warrior information about your upcoming mission. Continue to work out, stay in shape, learn to sword fight, take a self defense class and prepare yourself as both a physical and spiritual Warrior of God.

Musical Mormon

Musical Mormon

Music is like the spirit. You can't see it, but it calms you, teaches you and even protects you.
Music is one of the greatest tools of God and you are an Angel of Song. No doubt you sang in the Choirs of Heaven.
At times you can come off as meek and shy, but you let you light shine with all its strength when you open your mouth to sing or play an instrument.
Music not only sets the mood for many of our meetings, but it banishes fear, negativity or any other bad spirit that may hinder the Spirit of God.
Use your music often to not only bless your ward, but to keep your home free of negative spirits.

Peter Priesthood / Molly Mormon or the Classic

Peter Priesthood / Molly Mormon or the Classic

You yearn to do good in the world and always seek for truth and goodness. You want to do right and surround yourself in heavenly light. You keep your home a sanctuary and wish for nothing more than a strong family that can be eternal.

You love your spouse and often have separate, but important roles. After years of performing these separate roles you might grow distant so its important to date often, do fun things together and work on projects together.

You work very hard and often have super hero mentality. Everyone can count on you and the ward needs your strong leadership and willing heart.

Your faith is a huge part of your life and the center of your world. You seek for truth and light and are never satisfied with only what you have as you know that progression never ends.

You often see your journey to heaven as a to do list, that once complete you will gain celestial glory.

God will make up for your shortcoming and is forgiving of not only the big things, but will make you perfect through his atonement for the little things such as forgetting to read your scriptures one day. Don't be sad if you can't do it all. What ever you aren't able to accomplish in this life, you will accomplish with more power and strength in the next life.

Jack Mormon

Jack Mormon

If you fall into this category you are one of two people:
1. A friend of another faith. In this case, congratulations on being so brave to take this test. <3 We love you.

2. You really are what some would call a "Jack Mormon" or a "Jack Daniel's Mormon."

Although you don't always want to admit it, you have a sensitive soul and loving heart.

You like to have fun and don't enjoy restrictions as you like to make your own choice of right and wrong.

Often times, people like you have fallen away from the gospel due to the poor example of other members or an over-zealous or strict upbringing.

Spiritual abuse (or abuse in the name of God or abuse to make one fear God or a person in supposed spiritual authority) is more common than people realize and rebelling is a natural instinct when treated poorly by someone in authority.

Just know that not all Mormon are the same and even if you don't want anything to do with the church, try meeting some of the diverse Mormons out there.

Primary Mary Mormon

Primary Mary Mormon

You love children and haven been prepared your whole life to care for these precious spirits. As a child you might not have had a lot of confidence, but you silently watched interactions between people including your friends and relationships between children and adults. Your teachers were often your best friends that you felt like you could trust.
Since you childhood you have taken notes of the things you liked and didn't like and prepared to someday pass on the good things you learned to the next generation.
You keep records, and even in artistic chaos you are still organized.

You have big dreams for you own family or the family you would like to have someday.

In wards you can be secluded, but you get to see a side of the church that not many get to experience as you help bring up the next generation of Latter Day Warriors.

Last Days Prepper Mormon

Last Days Prepper Mormon

You are strong and confident and people will often look to you as a leader, especially in times of trouble. Although some people think you might be overly paranoid about the future, they secretly admire you.

You like to study the signs of the times and prepare not only physically for an unpredictable future, but you prepare spiritually for the Lord's Second Coming.

You enjoy being self sufficient and are suspicious of big government or anyone who will try to take away your independence and security.

You love learning new skills and give food storage or 72 hours kits to your family for Christmas.

Your dream is to have a small house with lots of land. It would be cool to live off the grid too.

You love studying the Book of Revelation and are fascinated by ancient and modern prophecy.