13 Best Black Friday Sales That Are Too Good To Be True

Black Friday is almost here! Time to line up and snag those deals! We've compiled a list of what we consider to be the greatest deals of the season. Check it out

Jocelyn Rovers
Created by Jocelyn Rovers
On Nov 28, 2019

50% Off "23andMe" DNA Kits - Ends December 2nd

What a perfect Christmas gift! If you order before December 2nd, you can get a whopping 50% off the "Health and Ancestry" kit which gives you extensive information on your cultural background as well as health risks associated with your lineage. The sale ends on December 2nd so hurry!
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Save $200 On Nikon Camera Accessories and Lenses on Amazon

When you order your Nikon gear on Amazon, you can get up to 58% off! Wow! The camera lens in the picture is originally 346.95, discounted all the way down to 146.95. Check out the Nikon Amazon page for more incredible deals!

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45% Off A Farberware Air Fryer @ Walmart

This awesome little device can do it all! It can make oil-free fries, fried chicken, doughnuts and crunchy chickpeas. Basically anything you would "deep fry" you can throw in the air fryer. Walmart is offering 45% off their air fryer for a limited time. Originally $69 reduced all the way down to $39.

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$80 Off an Apple iPad @ Walmart

Great for the techie on your list. Everyone needs an iPad, especially if you're working remotely or have a low-key addiction to Netflix. Apple doesn't usually do big sales but this is actually pretty generous considering they usually only kick 20-30 dollars off the original price. You can get a 9.7 inch iPad for 349.00, originally priced at 429.99. Not bad for Apple.

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$180 Off An Apple Watch @ Walmart

Another great Apple deal! Check out Walmart for the lowest prices on Apple products on Black Friday. They've got a really great deal going on now that's shaving off $100 from the original price of the Apple watch. That means you can get this nifty accessory for only $199.99 reduced from 279.00. That's good apples.

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50% Off Beats Wireless Headphones @ Best Buy

Get the real deal this season. "Beats" headphones are on sale for a limited time at BestBuy.com at 50% off! Now that's what I call a Black Friday steal! These headphones are known to be some of the best around plus they come in an array of cool colors. If you have a music fan on your list, grad a pair of these awesome headphones stat!

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$100 Off A Dyson Air Purifier @ Best Buy

Snag this sleek looking air purifier for only $299.99 at Best Buy! Dyson is considered to be the "top" pick for any sort of "air" product from vacuums to air conditioners. This deal is mind-blowing if you ask me!

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50% Off A Magic Bullet @ Walmart

Can you say "frozen drinks"? This reliable little machine can blend everything from smoothies, to muffin batter to soups to you guessed it...frozen drinks. This could be a great gift for the student in your life and now you can get it for only 19.92 at Walmart! Act fast!

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40% Off An Instant Pot @ Walmart

Walmart's got all the best deals this season! This Black Friday, you can get an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker for only $59. That's $40 less than the original price at $99.99. If you have a chef in the family, a pressure cooker could be a great gift!

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62% Off Weighted Blankets @ Walmart

Grab a weighted blanket for the anxious person in your life for only $49.99 on Walmart.com. These blankets are becoming hugely popular and are helping people everywhere get a good night's sleep. Originally $127.00, you can get this sleep accessory now for 62% less. There's only two colors left so hurry!

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50% Off Of North Face Outerwear @ backcountry.com

It's winter and it's cold and when it's cold there's only one thing left to do...bundle up! If you're looking for a crazy good deal on winter coats and outerwear, head over to backcountry.com for a great selection on highly discounted North Face gear.

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35% Off A Google Smart TV Kit @ Walmart

Seriously, you need to go to Walmart to get all the deals. You can get a Google TV Kit which includes a Google Home and Chromecast for only $45! Not bad at all! Get this deal before they run out! Supplies are limited.

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Get an Xbox One S for 149.99 (Reduced From 249.99) @ Walmart

Get the most popular gaming system of the season, the Xbox 1S, at walmart.com. The deal won't be listed until Black Friday hits, but now you know where to find the cheapest price! You can scoop up this console for only $149.99 reduced from $249.99. Now that's good value!

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