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Welcome to JoBlo's Epic Movie Trivia Quizzes! Bringing together great actors, impressive production values, and a cast of thousands, historical epics offer up some of the most incredible movies ever to be seen. Sure, they aren't always accurate to the history they draw inspiration from, but you can't beat a good epic. In honour of the upcoming Ben-Hur, let's see how much you remember about those most epic of movies.

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On Mar 29, 2017
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Who finally killed Odysseus (Sean Bean) in "Troy"?

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After being sentenced to fight as a gladiator, Spartacus is trained at a school owned by which Roman businessman?

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What designation is given to Ben-Hur when he's made a slave on Quintus Arrius' flagship?

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In "Gladiator", what type of animals did Proximo buy which he later discovered would refuse to mate?

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Who played King Baldwin in "Kingdom of Heaven"?

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What does Lawrence say is the secret to his match trick in "Lawrence of Arabia"?

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In "Braveheart", Robert the Bruce's father suffers from which condition?

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How many different cuts of Oliver Stone's "Alexander" have been released?

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Although standard army pay was $13, the men of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in "Glory" were only going to be paid:

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In "Saving Private Ryan", what did Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) do before the war?

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