5 practical tips to transform your blog with interactivity

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On Apr 13, 2020
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We all know that having a content strand to your business is super important for building business reputation and reaching new audiences. The problem with everyone knowing it though, means that it’s harder and harder to achieve cut-through and resonance with your intended audience.

What's even harder is having to come up with ideas that keep your output feeling fresh, especially when you've got so many good articles that aren't getting traction.

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One way you can keep your blog or content-hub looking and feeling fresh is by repurposing old content inside interactive content. Re-up important posts by turning them into engaging, measurable content experiences. 

  • 88% marketers say interactive content is effective at differentiating their brand.

And creating your own interactive content has never been easier or more accessible. Below we’ve compiled some of the best, quickest and easiest ways your blog can start benefiting from interactive content.


How Tos -> Trivia Experience

You’re an expert at what your company offers, and the industry you’re in, but communicating that knowledge to your customers doesn’t always translate to the most engaging content. 

With a Trivia experience, you can create a question-by-question quiz which invites participation from your reader and educates them at the same time. Simply turn each lesson point into a question, and include an end-card to each that expands on the point being taught.

Create your own Trivia here.

B2C brands make the best personality quizzes. There's something about communicating core brand values in a way that lets your customer participate that really makes the core message resonate. Use them to distinguish buyer personas, identify audience segments or just tell a great and relevant brand story. Try one for yourself!

Create your own PQ!



Trivia is perfect for B2B brands because it lets you educate complex messages in a way that ensures measurable engagement right until the end.

Personality Quizzes are perfect for e-commerce brands because it lets you recommend exactly the right product to your end-user in exactly the right way. You can find out information that it's almost impossible to discover elsewhere, with a series of questions you can directly ask your customer before delivering them the perfect product result to convert them. You can even add all of this data to your DMP to create rich audience segments.


Product recommendations -> Personality quiz

Your company probably offers more than one thing, so articles that differentiate between the products are useful resources for your customers. Try recreating them in a product-recommendation format where your customers answer a series of questions about their wants or needs, and receive the product result which is right for them!

Create your own personality quiz here!


Myth-busting -> Flip Card

If you haven’t done some myth-busting in your blog, here’s a great new way to try it. Use a Flip Card experience to educate your customers on essential truths as they relate to your industry. Just put the myth on the front of the Flip Card, and the truth on the reverse.

Create your own Flip Card!


Top and tail an educational or industry blog with Poll experience

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If you or someone in your team is writing thought leadership on a particular topic, try opening with a poll experience. It invites the reader to share their opinion and so become more vested in reading the related article.

Create your own Poll!


Company updates -> Click to reveal

When you’ve got particularly exciting information, updates or product releases to share, create a sense of anticipation by using the “Click to Reveal” feature.

Create your own click-to-reveal.

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