Do You Really Remember Captain Planet?

Time to combine those powers and see how much you remember this 90s classic!

Jin Stevens
Created by Jin Stevens
On Sep 11, 2015
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What is the name of Captain Planet's evil nemesis?

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What did they call the group of young people who were given the five magic rings?

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Which one of the following was Dr. Blight's primary henchman?

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Where does Gaia, the Spirit of Earth, live?

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This is one of the few villains who has taken down Captain Planet on his own. What's his name?

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Who is a former Spirit of the Planet, who went away and ruined other planets without Gaia to balance him?

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Which evil power ring was given to Sly Sludge?

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Ma-Ti was the planeteer of ...

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Can you name the family of poachers who shared a rivalry with Looten Plunder?

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What was the name of the soldier who occasionally helped Captain Planet?

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Which member of Planet's team has a pet monkey named "Suchi"?

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Which of the following would weaken Captain Planet?

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How much does Wheeler know about saving the Earth, compared to his teammates?

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What is Dr. Blight's first name?

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What is the name of Hoggish Greedly's grandfather, who actually became a good guy?

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