You Won't Believe These 23 Before-and-After Repaints Of Dolls

Filipino artist Noel Cruz currently works in the USA, repainting dolls that are mass-produced for stores to make hyper-realistic art. Cruz has completely transformed dozens of dolls, creating celebrity and character mini-me's. His repainted dolls, intricately and beautifully remade, are sold to collectors for thousands of dollars! Take a look at some of our favorite doll transformations by Cruz - you won't believe your eyes!

Jiminy Cricket
Created by Jiminy Cricket
On Jul 12, 2017

Kendall Jenner

Cruz took a generic black-haired doll and totally reimagined her as celebrity Kendall Jenner. The new doll's make-up is so flawless, that Kendall herself would have to approve!



While the original doll was pretty impressive, it now looks cartoon-y next to Cruz's repaint of Angelina Jolie in Maleficent. Her eyebrows and lips are so perfectly painted, it's hard to imagine she's only twelve inches tall!


Sheldon Cooper

Big Bang Theory's most lovable control freak looks eerily lifelike with his new paint-job, down to the wrinkles around his eyes!


Audrey Hepburn

Cruz reimagined an Audrey Hepburn doll from Breakfast At Tiffany's into the glamorous Eliza Doolitlle from My Fair Lady. This redesign not only required a much more natural make-up repaint, but also a new wardrobe and hair styling. Can you imagine restyling two inches of doll hair?



Cruz perfectly captured the sheer creepiness of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named with his paint skills! The new version of the Dark Lord is veiny-er, with hauntingly realiztic eyes and newly sharpened teeth.


Marilyn Monroe

Cruz takes this blond bombshell doll to the next level by slightly redoing her iconic hairdo and adding lashes and perfect shadowing to her makeup look. Marilyn's new sultry stare is only improved by his meticulous depiction of the actress's full lips.


(Captain) Jack Sparrow

While we were already pretty surprised by the original Jack Sparrow doll's detail, Cruz's magic transforms this doll into a hyper-realistic Johnny Depp. With a new goatee and time-consuming attention to making the Captain's scruff as feathering an real as possible, we'll always remember this as the time Cruz totally captured Captain Jack Sparrow!


Ben Affleck's Batman

Working with little more than Affleck's exposed chin, Cruz turns the generic vigilante on the left into Batman vs Superman's gritty Caped Crusader. This erpaint also required repainting the doll's eyes and making his suit look darker and grittier.



Cruz totally nailed Queen Bee's gorgeous smile, and we can't believe how real the new doll's hair looks!


Harry Potter

The original doll on the left kind of looks like what would have happened if Daniel Radcliffe had been cast as Edward in the Twilight films. Cruz adds Harry's seventh-film five o'clock shadow and dulls his eyes into their famous blue-grey.


Princess Di

The original doll of the famous princess is a little too eighties, especially with those neon peepers. Cruz redressed the doll and captured Dianna's grace and winning smile, giving her more natural looking eyebrows, regal earrings, and a much more realistic (but still striking!) eye color.


Cate Blanchett's Evil Stepmother

Cate Blanchett's Lady Tremaine in the live action Cinderella film was graceful and wicked, and this redone doll is nothing short of elegantly evil. We think Cruz did an amazing job of representing Lady Tremaine's heartless smize.


Edward Cullen

The sparkly vamp himself, Cruz's new version of Edward Cullen's doll broods almost as well as his real-life counterpart. Some serious hair-sculpting went into this project, and we're relieved that the new Edward doesn't have pasty peach lips like he's a nineties pop star.


Lady GaGa

Cruz took this out-of-this-world GaGa doll and managed to make the doll better resemble the famous pop icon by toning down her makeup look and space-alien hairstyle. The new doll's eyes are SO striking, and we think that the doll's new lips are much more true to life.


Katniss Everdeen

Cruz's repainted Katniss doll looks ready to lead a rebellion and accept an Oscar's speech. Seriously, this repaint looks scarily like J-Law!


Wonder Woman

Cruz transformed this rubbery Wonder Woman into a glowing Gal Godot Wonder Woman. It's like we're staring at a movie poster. From removing the plastic hair and replacing it with loose curls, to the metallic repaint of the heroine's armor, Cruz has totally won us over with this Amazonian warrior.


Jennifer Lopez

Cruz's J-Lo creation looks ready for the Red Carpet. The new doll flaunts Jennifer Lopez's to-die-for cheekbones and nails her go-to champagne makeup look.



The original Arwen doll on the left looks like she's watching a really boring movie that Aragorn forced her to pay attention to. Her hair's also really stringy. The redone doll on the left looks positively ethereal, with Liv Tyler's dreamy eyed stare.


Lucille Ball

Yikes! The original version of this comedy legend in doll-form is the stuff of nightmares. She looks ready to eat Ricky's brain and stomp in a vat of organs rather than a vat of Italian grapes. Cruz's redone Lucy doll captures Lucille Ball's iconic grin without making her look like she's truing to shoot lasers from her baby blue eyes.



With more realistic curls and a frighteningly lifelike hairline, the new version of this Cher doll has a soft, peachy makeup look that we would totally rock on the regular, and Cruz's intense attention to detail made sure that he repainted the iconic singer's eyes to warm brown from an inaccurate bright blue.



Dorothy's gone from Kansas to Oz in this repaint! The new doll design pays particular attention to Judy Garland's big brown doe-eyes, and the end result is flawless and warm. The new lip color is not only more accurate to the film, but it's the perfect final touch to this innocent, beautiful doll.


The Mad Hatter

The original version of the Mad Hatter doll looks a little too mad on the left. As in ready-to-commit-murder mad. Cruz's repaint adds some softness and warmth to the character's makeup, gets that contour on point, and recurls the Hatter's crazy orange hair for a much more whimsical and much less frightening depiction of the Hatter.


Scarlet O'Hara

Cruz's repaint of this Gone with the Wind collectible doll is unbelievable! With expert shading and skill, he gives the doll Vivien Leigh's famous green-eyed stare to complete a screen-to-life transformation of Tara's Southern belle.

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