Stay at homeeee

How to become a good wife in the 1950's !!


Stay at homeeee

One of the simplest things you can do is stay at home, you stay home to clean the house and basically maintain it clean. You dry your families clothes out and dust the the house, sweep the floor and ect. You make your husband come home to a peaceful home a home he happy to come back to.


Take care of every single one of your kids..

You need to take care of every one of your children. Avoid at all cost to get your husband involved in the trouble of your children. You will have to shower them if they are very very young. When your husband gets home you should tell your children to lower their voices so it won't disturb your husband.


Make some interesting foods

ALWAYS plan the next nights dinner the day before. Sometimes you can hit the basics and make your husband this type of dinner. Other times you can go all out and show him a new recipes. You could also make him his special food some days. You should be ready with dinner before your husband comes from work.


Always look fancy at all times

You need to try and look good everyday. So your husband knows that he has been married to the most beautiful women. When he comes to work he should come home to you all dressed up and look like you have actually tried to look good.



You should be able to be very respectful with everyone around you. Your neighbors your husbands boss and especially your husband. Don't be a nasty gal. If you marry someone at a young age you should be sure that you wanted to marry them be serious about it.


Don't push it

Don't ask him questions about why he late. Don't come at him with problems. Ask him how his day was. Don't complain about him being in a bad mood if he had a bad day at work. Comfort him.


Love him!!

The most important thing to do is care and love him. Greet him with a warm smile when he gets home. Clean home, nice food, and full of love.